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Quick & Accredited Online Certifications & Renewals

Our team of medical and emergency experts partnered with a primary goal. That goal was designing a medical certification experience that benefited patients and providers.

Our team saw an increasing gap between emerging medical science and providers' ability to keep abreast of new methods, vital information and practices that incorporated everything.

With knowledge and progress happening to medical science on a consistent basis, it's difficult to stay current on what's new. We are proud to offer you easy-to-access materials that help you in your recertification process.

Every credential we offer has a distinct additional-learning objective, so you receive the knowledge you need. We also have the materials you need to help you with your renewal or certification courses.

Our emergency certification courses and further education training are built to provide healthcare professionals like you with the knowledge you need. The easy-to-use online format lets you earn your credentials in as little as a few hours, or you can start and stop when necessary.

Our certification programs are accredited by the ADA, AMA, and ANCC in joint partnership with the Postgraduate Institute for Medicine (PIM). Our programs are also accredited by CAPCE for emergency medical professionals. These certifications give you the ability to earn up to eight hours of CEU/CME credit. Begin now!

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